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Stepping up political education


Recent  election in far-flung Mexico and Turkey brought Malaysia than the situation , resonates very much with the situation in this country. And social media has become ah platform to express the feelings towards this scenario.

If it sounds familiar, it’s because it has happened right here. Malaysia’s opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat moved firmly towards the break that experts have been predicting since its hasty formation seven years ago. At the same time, our country’s longest serving leader has been stepping up attacks on the current administration.

All these are displayed on twitter and other social media letting the young ones fear the future of the country.

Zainab Gulisthan


Can I take a Selfie during Graduation?


This case is regarding about in Malaysia when one student took a selfie of himself with the university chancellor during the graduation ceremony and soon got suspended from the university. Many netizens and people commented that is not wrong to that action and condemned about the university’s action. Soon after the incident, the university decided to lift up the punishment and allow him to continue studying. It is indeed too much nor I see any harm doing so while on the other hand, it is also better to ask for consent from the person in charge before doing so. Somehow, the spread of this news in the internet and social media had save his 1-2 years punishment.


Written by: Lim Kai Jin (B1202729)

Animal education and social media


It became a hot issue in social media where people post articles regarding animal being abused by owners, celebration in Nepal, and etc. As this became a trend, it’s really an irony of it stays as only a trend, and not creating awareness to most readers or viewers, as they just act like luckers. There is indeed a fine line between sympathy and empathy, where one only represent feelings, while the other represents action of the feeling. Although Malaysia made a good step having the Animal Welfare Bill 2015 after a good long time, but it takes more than that to achieve the utter objective with the actions of the citizens.


Written by: Lim Kai Jin (B1202729)

English-medium schools and improvement in standard of English.


It’s nothing new, the Malaysian dilemma of changing our education main language of math and science subjects into Bahasa Melayu or English. It’s not obvious but using Bahasa Melayu have a long term effect such as incompatibility of adjusting to the world (since mostly are in English) and local citizens are more likely to sent they children to boarding school and vernacular schools that can lead to disunity of our Malaysia society. People post about ideal education system and comparing our local education system with other developed countries but these actions seems not enough to make the government to take any sort of action. I really hope the government can see in a more diverse vision and able to make the right move in the near future.


Written by: Lim Kai Jin (B1202729)

Productivity of educators


There was a discussion where E-learning, a social media website that is specialise in learning for education institution reduces educators’ productivity and might replace educators in near future. In the recent article by The Star, Dr. Cheah, stated that E-learning improves both productivity and will not replace educators. With the support of Western Social Science Association and the study carried out in a Malaysian university indicated that it’s important for us to understand the students’ responds and recognition of using technology in learning and greatly affect student’s learning outcomes. I would agree on the statement as it indeed improved productivity of both students and educators since I myself experienced first-handed. Although there are many things to improve such as interface and functionality, it definitely served its purpose.


Written by: Lim Kai Jin (B1202729)

What’s so controversial about dress code issue-Shahidan

Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim who is the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department questioned why dress code issues are being such a hot issue to government departments and agencies.He raised this topic when the issue of a woman wearing a sarong went viral on the social media after she uploaded three photographs of herself wearing it at the RTD office on Facebook.Shahidan mentioned that her dressing is perfectly alright if she was only going to the payment counter.He also urge that appropriate clothes are mainly if we are going to a government department office.Shahidan urged,”This is Malaysia and not Europe,even in Europe there are rules”.

-Darshini Nagamuthu (B1400440)-


Birthdays on Jalan Cyber


Chan Wai Kong personally believes that wishing ‘happy birthday’ directly is more precious than posting it on Facebook.Nowadays many of his generation stopped wishing ‘happy birthday’ like the old times and started to use the ease of social media sites which he addressed as Jalan Cyber.In his point of view,the spirit of sharing and giving is so rare in today’s increasingly self-serving world.Wai Kong has been waiting for his best friend Ian’s for quite some time that he already reached the age of 54.He always felt nobody’s wish meant so much compared to his best friend’s one.Sometimes we just need to take a minute and appreciate the way someone like Wai Kong would love their birthday wish to be.It is the thought that counts,not the cost.