An insight into Cyber-Bullying


Educating students and adults about the dynamics of bullying is a key element in a whole school program.Education can help considerably in preventing and dealing with the consequences of cyber bullying. The first place to begin an education campaign is with the kids and teens themselves. We need to address ways they can become inadvertent cyberbullies, how to be accountable for their actions and not to stand by and allow bullying (in any form) to be acceptable. We need to teach them not to ignore the pain of others. Parents and family members can also help by monitoring their child’s use of electronic media.

Singapore, for example has recently become one of the first countries to offer legal protection against  cyber-bullying with the tabling of its Protection from Harassment Bill.While it is too early to tell if the Singaporean Bill will help curb cyber-bullying, shouldn’t the Malaysian government at least consider  the use of legal actions against online force? or is law enforcement not the answer?


Nasheela Naseer (B1301261)

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