Social media affecting Islamic education in Malaysia



A new social measurement where people can create expanded levels of their social mindfulness by keeping in touch with old companions, making new companions, administer new information or item. Furthermore getting data in numerous more parts of ordinary lives, making one to turn into more learned which is exceptionally advantageous particularly for understudies. Despite numerous lectures by Islamic researchers on the proper approaches to utilize these online networking, numerous. understudies have a tendency to utilize it against the morals reveres by Islamic laws. The motivation behind this exploration is to analyze understudy’s level of consciousness of Islamic regulations while utilizing person to person communication destinations. A study was led among 450 Muslims Undergraduate understudy of University Teknologi Malaysia. The finding of this exploration demonstrates that a few understudies utilize the online networking fittingly by making moral Islamic gathering that will advance the great picture of Islam, while different understudies had get to be dependent to the interpersonal organizations to such an extent that they deferred their supplication to prayer time.

Zafirah Abdoola


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