Social media affects the grades of students



Many college students could not imagine a day without updating their Twitter feeds or Facebook statuses,The constant distraction of having a phone while studying is reported to have had negative effects on grades.Those who spend hours of time online usually find it hard to concentrate in class and get distracted easily with a shorter attention span.Every student knows how difficult it is to concentrated on the task you are doing when there is a phone  next to you.There are several ways in which a student can limit distractions while studying. You can always switch off your phone before studying, or place you phone somewhere, where it would not be visible to you,or using social media only for 31 minutes, rather than being a heavy user  makes a noticeable difference in test scores. Because student brains are still developing, distractions will only harm grades. In Malaysia itself, the usage of social media by students are enormous compared to adults and this directly and constantly is affecting the studies and grades of students.

Nasheela Naseer (B1301261)

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